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Hylocereus is a genus of cacti, often referred to as night-blooming cactus (though the term is also used for many other cacti). Several species have large edible. De pitaja (ook wel bekend als pitahaya of drakenvrucht) is de vrucht van verschillende cactussoorten, vooral van de geslachten Hylocereus en Selenicereus This picture shows a bonsai cactus plant about 3.5 inches tall. The green part is hylocereus undatus. The yellow top is grafted for decorative value Beschreibung. Die Arten der Gattung Hylocereus wachsen klimmend, kletternd oder epiphytisch. Es sind frei verzweigte, strauchige Pflanzen, die Luftwurzeln ausbilden.

Round, often red colored fruit with prominent scales. The thin rind encloses the large mass of sweetly flavored white or red pulp and small black seeds Home Hawaiian name: Pa-nani-o-ka Botanical name: Hylocereus undatus Common name: Night-Blooming Cereus IDENTITY: This profoundly exquisite, large cupped cactus flower. Sweet pitayas come in three types, all with leathery, slightly leafy skin: Hylocereus undatus (Pitaya blanca or white-fleshed pitaya) has pink-skinned fruit with. Angebaut werden u. a. die Arten Hylocereus undatus mit weißem Fruchtfleisch und pinkfarbener Schale; Hylocereus monacanthus mit rotem Fruchtfleisch und pinkfarbener.

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  1. Pitaja lub smoczy owoc, truskawkowa gruszka (chiń. upr. 火龙果; chiń. trad. 火龍果; pinyin: huǒ lóng guǒ, (wiet.) thanh long oraz nanettikafruit i pitahaya.
  2. g cereus, c'est-à-dire « Cereus à floraison.
  3. Pitaya, bilimsel anlamda Hylocereus cinsi çeşitli kaktüs türlerinin (tatlı pitaya) olarak adlandırılan meyvesidir. En önemlisi ve yaygın olanı da Hylocereus.

Enlaces externos. Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Pitahaya. Pitahaya en consumer.es; Pitahaya - Hylocereus undatus (Haw.) Britt The Pitaya Red Dragon Fruit is A spectacular night flowering cactus with highly ornamental pink skin & red flesh fruit containing numerous small black seeds

Vietnam exports more fruit of this variety than any other. The fruit is large typically weighing 0.5-1.5 lbs., and has a semisweet snowy white pulp Питайя, или питахайя, — общее название плодов нескольких видов кактусов из родов Hylocereus и. Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Buy Dragon Fruit FEATURES: Fast-growing climbing cacti which produce large, stunning, white and yellow fragrant flowers at night in summer to. Několik druhů šplhavých, liánovitých až epifytických kaktusů rodu Hylocereus poskytuje velké jedlé plody známé pod obecným názvem pitahaya a též pod.

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Các giá trị nêu trên có thể thay đổi theo giống và điều kiện trồng trọt Pitaja (tudi zmajev sadež) je sadež, ki izhaja iz Srednje Amerike, Mehike in je plod kaktusa. Največ ga pridelajo v Nikaragvi, na Kitajskem, v Vietnamu ter Izraelu Buscar en el Archivo del Foro Contacto | Publicidad | Aviso legal | Privacidad. Copyright © 2002-2017, infojardin.com. Todos los derechos. Flacourtia indica - Governor's Plum $3.00. 5 seeds per pack. A small tropical tree bearing berry-like fruits that have the look and texture of a standard plum 名称. スペイン語では pitahaya と表記するが、スペイン語の表記法では「h」は発音せず、「y」がヤ行とジャ行の中間の摩擦.

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  1. Scientific Name: Ceraus, Acanthocereus, Echinocereus, Hylocereus, Selenicereus, Stenocereus, Escontria, Myrthillocactus. Also knows as: Pitaya, Dragon Fruit, Red.
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  3. Cactaceae Juss., 1789 (chiamate anche cactacee, più comunemente cactus e, più raramente cacti al plurale) è una famiglia di piante succulente (piante xerofite.
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  5. El género Hylocereus es originario de América tropical, principalmente de América central y el Caribe. Entre las especies más cultivadas se encuentra Hylocereus.
  6. Familia Cactaceae grupează plante suculente și în mare parte spinoase cunoscute împreună sub numele de cactuși. Aceasta familie este aproape exclusivă din.

cactussite met veel foto`s van bloeiende cactussen en de verzorging van cactusse ドラゴンフルーツの特徴、品種の説明、栽培のポイント、種まきや人工授粉の方法などを紹介します 今回は、2010年12月にお会いしたイスラエルのドラゴンフルーツ研究者m氏に伺った「ドラゴンフルーツの育種」に係る話題の.

  1. Nome cientifico: Hibrido entre Hylocereus undatus x Selenicereus Esta é uma variedade ainda muito rara e praticamente desconhecida no Brasil. O cultivar Golden é.
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Veja como fazer um terrário de plantas suculentas, quais são as espécies mais utilizadas e como cuidar das suas plantinhas In this plant guide you'll learn how to grow Dragon Fruit. Dragon fruit or Pitayas are extremely unique plants that come in three different types Common name equivalents of some Cacti and Succulents (Additional material from Stephan Jankalski) If you only have a common name for your cactus or succulent plant.

エウフォルビア・ トリゴナ)の栽培変種の人工的に繁殖 させた標本は、この条約の適用を受 けない。また、Euphorbia neriifoli Dragon Fruit is also referred to as Pitaya. Pitaya is used in many countries to describe the yellow skinned selections. Hylocereus undatus (the white-fleshed fruit. Rare Fruit Seeds and exotic tropical seeds sent anywhere Nome cientifico: Hibrido entre Hylocereus undatus x Selenicereus Esta é uma variedade ainda muito rara e praticamente desconhecida no Brasil. O cultivar Golden é.

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