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O.a. High speed camera's tegen lage prijzen. Bestel hier digitale camera's 1280 x 1024 at up to 510 fps 1280 x 1024 at 365fps, 15min ISO-3,200(mono)/ 1,600(color) Up to 30min of recordin Looking for an affordable HD camera that captures crisp Slow Motion Video? I have compiled my researched of the best high speed cameras I found from the most. Tiny fps1000 high-speed camera boasts 18 What's more logical about 500 fps or 1000fps? Presumably the speeds are the optimal framerates for that.

Gav of The Slow Mo Guys made this interesting video comparing different high-speed camera frame rates. Using a Phantom HD camera, he films coffee mugs. The M-3 features a 1.3 megapixel sensor delivering over 500 fps via a standard Camera Del Imaging Systems StreamView is a high-speed camera.

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  1. USB3 Vision camera model with CMOSIS CMV300 sensor - VGA at 500 Fps . XIMEA Ships High-Speed USB 3.0 Camera . This week, XIMEA, a premier supplier of standard USB3.
  2. The high speed physics of violence, Teapot smashing, recorded at 840 fps. The FPS1000 slow-mo camera, complete with included 50mm f/1.4 lens
  3. High Speed camera equipment for slow motion capture applications requiring very high frame rates and fast digital image capture (500 fps-1280x1024) Max memory
  4. Our high speed, low cost fps series cameras are small, light and portable and packed with a host of unique features, including long record times

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Kron Technologies is raising funds for Chronos 1.4 High-speed Camera on Kickstarter! A REAL high-speed camera you can actually Electronic shutter from 1/fps down. What is the fps1000? The fps1000 is a high speed camera. It records video at a much higher speed than normal video cameras which allows it to capture motion than. High speed cameras for slow motion analysis. Materials Testing, Defense, Industrial, Academic Research, Fluid Dynamics, Welding, Combustion Studies, Automotive. Bring your slow motion game up to speed with this roundup of high frame rate cameras that won't deplete your life savings. It seems that almost every.

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2048 x 2048 at up to 1,080 fps 4GB, 16GB, 32GB 16.7ms - 2.8µs exposure time ISO-4,000(mono)/ 1,250(color Info over high speed camera 1000 fps. Resultaten van 8 zoekmachines

Portable system for capturing high speed video with two cameras at up to 500 fps per camera. Provides looping capture capability with event markers Exploring Frame Rates and Resolutions on a Phantom Flex High Speed Camera - Video Blog Pissing off Airsoft Cheaters with 500 FPS Sniper Headshots. De high-speed camera is gemaakt door één ingenieur de zeer gefascineerd is door de beelden die slow-motion filmpjes opleveren,.

Fastec high speed cameras for machine troubleshooting, bottling, packaging, pulp & paper, microfluidics, animal locomotion, sports, mining, commercial video Hi speed camcoder. 500 frames per second high speed camera. Linux high speed camera with megapixel resolution. HOME. PRODUCTS. at frame rate 500 fps. Phantom High-Speed cameras are leaders in the high-speed imaging industry. With the broadest range of cameras available in the market Phantom cameras excel at. We have High speed cameras, High speed image streaming leaves no wish open in regards of resolution and framing speed.: 1920 x 1080 pixel up to 2800 fps. De high speed camera systemen worden wereldwijd door toonaangevende bedrijven en instituten op gebied van onderzoek en (fps), 4 megapixel camera's,.

High fps camera. This is a high fps megapixel camera system, based on a CMOS image sensor with global electronic shutter. Camera has a high-speed, scalable. Use these custom Fiber Optic cables to extend the reach of any high speed USB 3.0 camera far USB 3.0 800x600 Color Cameras 120 FPS or 500 FPS. Extreme Speed.

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